Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) is a type of herpesvirus which can cause fatal hemorrhagic disease in wild elephants and elephants in human care. Often targeting young elephants, EEHV is the leading cause of death in Asian elephants born in North America. This virus is endemic among elephant populations and has a rapid progression. Death can occur within hours after first signs of illness, which is why monitoring for quick detection and early treatment and supportive care is crucial.

Our Research

African Lion Safari has been instrumental in pursuing the latest EEHV monitoring, detection and treatment protocols. We have joined other elephant care facilities and researchers throughout the world in actively supporting a global multi-faced EEHV research effort. African Lion Safari is a member of the EEHV Advisory Group, which provides peer-reviewed, accurate information that reflects current thinking on the research and management of EEHV in both wild and captive elephants globally. As the EEHV infection is the results of complex mechanism that occur at viral, cellular, and organism level, unravelling the complexity of EEHV infection will require a novel approach.

Our Future Goals

It is our hope that our results will lead to advances that will give veterinarian and elephant care professionals more tools and strategies needed to prevent, diagnose and treat EEHV.