Vehicle Restrictions

For the health and safety of our animals, visitors and staff, please ensure you are aware of the vehicles not permitted in our drive through Game Reserves prior to your arrival. 

  • Windows must remain closed at all times — we would recommend ensuring your vehicle has working A/C.
  • Vehicles will be inspected prior to entering our Game Reserves.
  • Entry is subject to the discretion of African Lion Safari personnel.

Vehicle restrictions:

  • No convertibles
  • No soft tops
  • Rooftop cargo carriers must be secured and locked
  • Loose items must be removed
  • No pets permitted
  • No cracks in windshield or windows

For pick-up trucks:

  • Soft tonneau covers must be rolled up and secured. Truck must be completely empty.
  • Hard tonneau covers must be able to lock. If not, must be folded up, secured and the truck bed must be empty of debris.
  • Permanently mounted truck toolbox’s must be locked.
  • Truck cap’s sides and windows must be closed and secured and back hatch locked.

Things to know:

  • Please empty items out of your truck bed at home. 
  • Items that cannot go through the Game Reserves will have to be put into storage units that are available behind Main Office. Locks available at Ticket Booth or Main Office.