Service Animal Policy

African Lion Safari is committed to welcoming people with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal, and recognizes the responsibility of ensuring reasonable access to all members of the public.

African Lion Safari’s manner of exhibiting animals is completely different than the traditional zoo, and allows many endangered, wild animals to roam free in several acres of open reserves.  For the health and welfare of our animals, our employees and other visitors, service animals are permitted onsite under specified conditions and are restricted from the areas listed below:

  • Game Reserves
  • Safari Tour Bus
  • Boat & Train
  • Presentation Areas
  • Pets’ Corner
  • Bird Aviaries
  • Elephant lookout
  • Flamingo Exhibit


Guests who arrive with service animals must inform African Lion Safari staff upon arrival.  In compliance with the AODA, guests requiring the company of a service animal must identify the animal with either of the following:

  1. Service animal or Service dog must be “readily apparent” or can be “readily identified” (vest, harness, belt, and leash) as assisting a person with a disability.
  2. Alternatively, the visitor may provide an identification card or a letter (one-line medical note) from a health care practitioner confirming that a person requires the service animal for reasons relating to a disability.

In absence of the required identification, visitors will be asked to leave their animal in a shaded kennel.


Guests are allowed to bring their service animal into the following areas:

  • Guest Services / Discovery Centre** Currently Closed for Renovation
  • Mombasa Restaurant
  • Gift Shop(s)
  • Misumu Bay Wet Play
  • Jungle Junction
  • Fenced area surrounding boat loading queue
  • Children’s Playgrounds
  • All parking lots
  • All picnic sites and shelters
  • Guests must be responsible for the cleanliness of the service animal, and collect all stools while on African Lion Safari grounds.
  • The handler must be responsible for and have control of the service animal at all times.
  • Guest may not leave the service animal with any African Lion Safari staff (excluding Front Desk Staff in Main Office).
  • If an incident occurs on the grounds of African Lion Safari, the visitor understands that the service animal is to return to the kennels provided (or Main Office).  Or if the guest chooses, they may leave African Lion Safari grounds.


As our policy may conflict with the special needs of some of our guests, African Lion Safari is pleased to accommodate visitors who require the use of a service animal with the following:

  • A complimentary ride on the Safari Tour Bus (special needs guest only, all others pay regular bus rate).
  • If a person with a disability arrives with a service animal and does not have a support person with them or another member in their group, African Lion Safari will provide an escort (while the service animal remains in the Main Office or in a kennel provided) to enable the guest access to the restricted areas.

The welfare of our animals is a top priority and your cooperation in their safety is greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact the Main Office at 519-623-2620 or email prior to your visit, so that we may review our policies and procedures with you and help make your day a safe and memorable one.


To ensure the health and safety of visitor’s pets, our animals, employees and other guests, African Lion Safari does not permit pets of any kind on its property.  Visitors who arrive with a pet will have to leave their animal in a shaded kennel.