Employee Expectations

As one of Ontario’s premier tourist attractions, African Lion Safari is well known for its classic “Safari look” and prides itself on this appearance. Much of African Lion Safari’s success is directly atttributed to dedicated, enthusiastic and dependable employees. The operation of African Lion Safari is a team effort and we ask that each employee adhere to certain expectations in order to achieve our goal of ensuring that all visitors have a wild day “On Safari!™”

Regardless of your role, the “Safari look” works in conjunction with our Four Core Values – Safety First, Teamwork Approach, Taking Pride and Genuine Hospitality ensure that African Lion Safari remains “Canada’s Original Safari Adventure™.”

Safety First Attitude

African Lion Safari employees are required to maintain strict safety standards. The safety of our employees, visitors and animals is of the utmost importance. 

Teamwork Approach

African Lion Safari is made up of many different departments and individuals, each playing an integral part in the daily operations of the park. The overall success of the park is dependent on the ability of every employee to work together, not only with direct co-workers but with other departments. Teamwork means going the extra mile, helping out in a different department should they be shorthanded, and contributing to create a work environment where everyone feels included. 

We work together to create an environment of mutual respect, honesty and dependability.

Taking Pride

Taking pride means representing African Lion Safari in a professional manner at all times. It is taking ownership in your job and showing that you care about the appearance and cleanliness of the park.

No excessive amounts of jewellery are to be worn. For safety reasons, in departments such as animal care, maintenance, and foodservice, studs are to be worn.
Tattoos that depict nudity, offensive or inappropriate language or images or violate company policies are not permitted.

Genuine Hospitality

Genuine hospitality is about creating unforgettable, intangible experience for our guests each and every day. How do we as a team benefit from genuine hospitality? – Loyalty from our guests! African Lion Safari is a privately owned company which receives no government funding or subsidies.