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  • Do the animals stay outside in the winter?

    Some animals and birds stay outside all year round, most of our animals access the outdoors daily, and all are housed in large heating facilities and aviaries throughout the property. 

  • What kind of animals stay outside in the winter?

    Much of the hoofed stock such as Bison, Elk, Deer and Barbary sheep are accustomed to cold weather and remain outside year round. As well, cold climate raptors such as the Bald eagle, Snowy owl and Ferruginous hawk enjoy the winter outdoors.

  • What happens to the lions and cheetah in the winter?

    Our large cats including the lions and cheetah all grow thicker coats and are acclimatized to the Southern Ontario winters. They remain at the park in the winter and have access outdoors daily!

  • What do the elephants do in the winter?

    The majority of our herd of Asian elephants were born and raised at African Lion Safari®, and therefore are acclimatized to the Southern Ontario winter. They often go for walks, forage in the forests, and enjoy the snowmen built by our animal care staff for some additional enrichment! 

  • Where do all of the animals go in the winter?

    All of the birds and animals remain at the park during winter months.