Conservation Leaders

Now, more than ever, the world is experiencing a biodiversity crisis. With more than 40,000 species threatened with extinction, human efforts to protect wildlife both in situ and ex situ are needed to ensure these species exist for future generations.
Conserving Species in their Home Range

In Situ

Conservation efforts held in a species' home range is considered in situ. The monitoring of wild species and preservation of their natural habitat by experts working in the field are examples of in situ conservation.
Conserving Species under Human Care

Ex Situ

Conservation efforts held under human care is considered ex situ. The conservation programmes and research conducted by accredited zoos and aquariums are examples of ex situ conservation.
In situ and ex situ species conservation often work together toward developing strategies and conservation actions that will ensure the long-term sustainability of species at risk.
African Lion Safari® is recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of conservation programmes for numerous endangered species as well as for its efforts to support conservation of wildlife; through protection of habitat, scientific research and education. Many ground breaking research projects in the fields of animal welfare, reproduction, behaviour, nutrition and conservation have been initiated at African Lion Safari®.

African Lion Safari® is a privately owned company which receives no government funding or subsidies. Visitors can enjoy a day of educational fun at our wildlife farm knowing that their purchase allows them to assist in the conservation and welfare of wildlife both here at the park and in their range countries.

It is our sincere hope that your visit to African Lion Safari® inspires you to support and help conserve the world’s wildlife and wild places.