“It is up to us to protect the Earth.”

Like any responsible business, WMSP seeks to increase the sustainability of its business practices by minimising waste production, recycling where possible and using resources, such as water and electricity, efficiently.

Businesses and individuals all have a responsibility to use the planet’s resources responsibly. Wildlife parks work for the conservation of the species they hold and therefore businesses like WMSP have an extra reason for trying to be ‘green.’


We have a duty of care for the environment because you cannot conserve species without making sure their habitats are also protected from harm.

YOU – We have produced a visitors’ charter (below) to help our guests and those considering visiting to ‘be green.’

As ALS is non-government funded, all admission fees go directly back into the park to support our breeding and conservation programmes. However, should you wish to donate directly to some of the projects we support, see below.