African Lion Safari is committed to welcoming people with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal, and recognizes the responsibility of ensuring reasonable access to all members of the public.

African Lion Safari’s manner of exhibiting animals is completely different than the traditional zoo, and allows many endangered, wild animals to roam free in several acres of open reserves.  For the health and welfare of our animals, our employees and other visitors, service animals are permitted onsite under specified conditions and are restricted from the areas listed below:


  • Game Reserves
  • Safari Tour Bus
  • Boat & Train
  • Birds of Prey & Parrot Presentation Area
  • Pets’ Corner
  • Elephant Swim
  • Elephants & Friends Presentation Area
  • Elephant lookout
  • Flamingo Exhibit
  • Pony/Elephant Rides


Guests who arrive with service animals must inform African Lion Safari staff upon arrival.  In compliance with the AODA, guests requiring the company of a service animal must identify the animal with either of the following:


  1. Service animal or Service dog must be “readily apparent” or can be “readily identified” (vest, harness, belt, and leash) as assisting a person with a disability.
  2. Alternatively, the visitor may provide an identification card or a letter (one-line medical note) from a health care practitioner confirming that a person requires the service animal for reasons relating to a disability.


In absence of the required identification, visitors will be asked to leave their animal in a shaded kennel.

Accessible areas of African Lion Safari

Service Animal Accommodation

No Pet Policy