Asian Elephant


Elephants are the largest living land animals. An adult male Asian elephant can stand up to 2.8 metres tall at the shoulders and can weigh up to 4,500 kilograms. Females are slightly smaller. Elephants have the second longest life span of any living mammal, second only to man.
There are three species of elephants: Asian elephants, African forest elephants, and African savannah elephants. The Asian and African savannah elephants are both listed as endangered, and the African forest elephants are listed as critically endangered. It is estimated that less than 35,000 Asian elephants survive today in the wild. The greatest threat to the wild Asian elephant is the rapid destruction of the elephant habitat in southern Asia.


African Lion Safari maintains one of the most successful conservation programmes for Asian elephants in North America.
African Lion Safari has participated in a number of important research projects on the Asian elephant focusing on reproduction and endocrinology. It is hoped that through this research we can better understand the biology and physiology of the Asian elephant.
African Lion Safari’s goal is to continue its successful conservation programme for the endangered Asian elephant to conserve these magnificent animals for future generations.


The park has had more second and third-generation births than any other facility in North America.

three asian elephants

The park welcomed the first artificially inseminated elephant born in Canada in November 2009.

In August 2013 the park welcomed the first “All Canadian” Asian Elephant.

The park is home to the largest Asian elephant herd in any zoological facility in North America; the park is home to 17 elephants.

The park maintains excellent genetic diversity with 25 calves being born from 6 different fathers and 7 different mothers.