Park Policies


To ensure that all guests have an enjoyable and safe day “On Safari!™” we ask that visitors to African Lion Safari adhere to the following Conditions of Entry & Park Policies.


1) All persons entering the property, grounds, facilities and drive through Game Reserves do so entirely at their own risk and choose to do so under these conditions. No liability for loss, injury or damage will be accepted. All visitors must enter via the Ticket Booth entrance and pay the entrance fee.

2) African Lion Safari has a no refund, no exchange policy.  All ticket sales are final.

3) Inclement Weather: Some park features/tours/rides/presentations may close temporarily during severe weather conditions. As soon as conditions permit safe operation, these features will re-open. During cold periods some species may not be on display. No refunds or rain cheques provided due to inclement weather.

4) Vehicles with cracked windows, convertibles, soft tops, and soft tire covers are NOT permitted in drive through Game Reserves.

5) Soft pickup truck bed covers are NOT permitted in the drive through Game Reserves. All pickup truck beds must be empty and clear of debris. Vehicles permitted into the Game Reserves are inspected upon entry. Entry is subject to the discretion of African Lion Safari® personnel. Storage units available behind Main Office. Locks available at Ticket Booth or Main Office.

6) A visitor is not permitted to touch or interfere with any animal. DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS! For the health and safety of our animals visitors are not permitted to feed the animals. Their food is specifically prepared by our staff to meet their dietary needs.

7) If your vehicle breaks down in the drive through Game Reserves, DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE. Sound your horn and wait for a patrol vehicle to arrive.

8) No responsibility is accepted for damage to vehicles or trailers, car bras, tires, lights or canvas covers, vinyl roofs or any other accessories. Remove loose items. Keep power antenna in down position.

9) Obey all signs. Keep all windows including roof windows closed. Keep doors locked.

10) Child Supervision: Custodians are responsible for their charges. Do not leave children unattended anywhere. Supervise children at all times especially at interactive areas.

11) No Pets Permitted on Property – To ensure the health and safety of our visitors, pets, our animals and other guests, African Lion Safari does not permit pets of any kind on its property or in the drive through Game Reserves. Kennels are available behind the Main Office. Locks available at Ticketbooth or Main Office.

12) Service animals are welcome on property, however restrictions apply. Contact the Main Office at 519-623-2620 or 1-800-461-WILD (9453) before your visit so that we may review our policy and help make your day a safe and memorable one.

13) Please note that the use of scooters, bicycles, hover boards, skateboards, roller blades (list not inclusive) is prohibited on African Lion Safari property.

14) Photography & Filming Policy – All photographs, images and/or video, in any format, taken by guests of 1) African Lion Safari’s property, premises and 2) birds and animals must be for personal use only. Any use, reuse or reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited by African Lion Safari without full written consent and specific license from African Lion Safari.

15) Consumer Image Policy and Guest Awareness: During your visit, you may be filmed, taped or photographed by or on behalf of African Lion Safari. Your admission to the park serves as your permission to use, record, reproduce, broadcast, sell and distribute any of the above.

16) Guest Conduct – Any behaviour that threatens or is harmful to staff and/or our animals or disrupts another guest’s enjoyment of African Lion Safari or is in violation of Park Conditions of Entry and Ticket Purchase could result in the violator being ejected from African Lion Safari without refund.

17) African Lion Safari strictly prohibits the operation or use of any drone(s) (Unmanned Aerial Systems) on, from or above African Lion Safari & Game Farm Ltd. property. Any unauthorized drone(s) observed over the park will be reported to local law enforcement and Transportation Canada regardless of size, weight, point of origin or purpose. Drones may pose a serious safety risk to our animals, staff and guests and may violate Transportation Canada Guidelines.

18) Strollers/car seats/infant carriers are not permitted on the safari tour bus, boat or train tours.

19) Powered scooters are not permitted on the Safari Tour Bus. Due to size, weight and maneuverability, some powered scooters may not be permitted on the “African Queen” boat tour.

20) For safety, guests with strollers and wagons will be directed to park them in designated areas outside of presentation areas, train station and boat dock and other tour areas. Please secure your stroller/wagon and its contents as African Lion Safari is not responsible for their loss.

21) The seating and restraints on certain park features/tours/rides/ may prohibit elderly persons and guests of certain body shapes and sizes from participating.

22) Remain seated with hands, arms, feet and legs inside all tour vehicles including boat and train.

23) For your safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, or other conditions that could be aggravated by park features/tours/rides.

24) No alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought on park property.

25) African Lion Safari is NOT a nut free environment.

26) African Lion Safari is a smoke-free park with the exception of one (1) designated smoking area.  Please refer to the park map for designated smoking area.  Cannabis (recreational marijuana) and cannabis related products (infused liquids, foods, etc.) are prohibited on the grounds of African Lion Safari.