Breeding is a behavior that naturally happens when elephants are in a happy, thriving environment. Our elephants live in a very natural social structure with a large cohesive multi-generational family. They enjoy a diverse environment with the ability to roam hundreds of acres of woodlands, fields, streams and ponds. We are proud to have welcomed 25 baby elephant calves since 1991. Breeding is not only a crucial component to conservation, but it is also a behaviour that benefits their well-being. Our multi-generational herd thrives together because it consists of mothers, daughters, sons, aunts, and uncles, very much like you would find in their range countries. Through our conservation program, we have been able to learn so much about the species as a whole both socially and physically. Being able to monitor the development of our elephants from pregnancy to birth and development to adulthood has produced valuable information to help protect elephants worldwide. Every elephant birth is extremely special and is one step farther from extinction.