Welcome to the Safari family, Luna & Onyx!

African Lion Safari proudly announces the birth of two healthy Asian elephants, born only one day apart!


“Luna”, a healthy female calf, weighing 252 lbs, was born Friday, August 17th to mother Lily.


“Onyx”, a healthy male calf, weighing 275 lbs, was born Saturday, August 18th to mother Opal.


Both calves are currently enjoying their time with their mothers as well as playing and interacting with each other.  They have been introduced to the rest of our elephant family who were very excited to accept these new members into the herd.  Some of our younger elephants have quickly taken on the role of big sister to both Onyx and Luna.  A strong, supportive herd is very beneficial for both the mothers and the development of the babies.


With the addition of Luna and Onyx, 20 calves have been born at African Lion Safari since 1991.  “This is an incredible milestone for our Asian elephant conservation programme here at the park.  These births not only speak to the longevity of the programme, but to African Lion Safari’s continued commitment to conserve these magnificent animals for future generations” says Sebastian Mitchell, Assistant Superintendent of Elephants.


African Lion Safari maintains one of the most successful conservation programmes for Asian elephants in the world and is proud to manage a very cohesive multi-generational herd.  The park connects visitors with our amazing herd of Asian elephants to increase awareness of the problems elephants face in their range countries, as well as to support conservation programmes worldwide.

Asian elephants are considered an endangered species with their population estimated to be less than 35,000 in the world.  Unfortunately, their decline is due to habitat loss, human populations encroaching on the areas of which these elephants live, and the illegal trade of ivory.


Guests visiting African Lion Safari can meet Luna and Onyx at the Elephant Look-Out daily throughout the afternoon until September 30th, 2018 (weather permitting and nap-time permitting).

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