Are You An Animal Lover?! You NEED To Experience African Lion Safari’s ‘Wake Up The WILD’

After I left the African Lion Safari on Friday afternoon, I couldn’t help but repeating.. OMGOMG OMG

What an experience!

This the latest in education and fun from our friends at African Lion Safari.


  • Admission to African Lion Safari for
    the day.
  • Access to park before it opens to the public.
  • Witnessing a pride of lions at their most active time of day – walking, running, devouring their morning meal.
  • Going off road, in an open air truck, to come within a metre of the endangered rhino, zebra and ostrich.
  • Hand feeding Canada’s largest herd of giraffe.
  • Exclusive photography opportunities.
  • A personal guide by an expert Game Warden.

Now a HUGE thank you going to staff and of course Trish, Erin, and our Warden Heather for an unforgettable morning!

I highly suggest any animal lover experience this because I left with WAY more knowledge then I ever expected.

You know how they say you learn something new everyday? Well on Friday I learned about 500 new things.

Did you know why Giraffes have colourful tongues? Because they use their tongues so much that the colour acts like a natural sunscreen! Cool eh!

Did you know that a White Rhino can run at speeds of upwards 50km/h… (way faster then me for someone who is thousands of pounds)

This experience, not only let me feed the amazing Giraffes but I learned how much the keepers at the African Lion Safari really do to ensure the survival of their beloved animals.

I took tons of videos and pictures during my experience but I didn’t want to share all of them because I really do think you should experience it for yourself!!

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