African Lion Safari Awarded Two CAZA Awards of Excellence

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On Wednesday, October 6, Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) held the 2021 Annual Awards of Excellence ceremony virtually.  These awards recognized excellence in animal welfare, conservation, science and education from CAZA accredited institutions across Canada.

African Lion Safari is incredibly proud to have won in TWO categories for our world-class Asian elephant program, recognizing both in-situ and ex-situ conservation efforts by our dedicated team of elephant professionals.

Colonel G.D. Dailley Award – Recognizes achievement in ex-situ propagation and management programs that contribute to the long-term survival of animal species or populations.

  • One of the most successful conservation programs for Asian elephants in the world
  • The park maintains excellent genetic diversity in its elephant conservation program
  • More second generation (F2) and third generation (F3) births than any other facility in North America
  • Continued cooperative relationships with conservation organizations throughout the world
  • The information gained through research conducted at the park is extremely valuable to the conservation of elephants worldwide.

Peter Karsten Award – Recognizes institutional achievement in the field of in-situ conservation. 

  • Long-standing partnership with Elephant Conservation Centers in Sumatra, Indonesia, establishing Conservation Response Units (CRU) and providing assistance with elephant care, husbandry, training and delivery of medical supplies
  • Conducted a workshop on Elephant Health Care and Conservation in Myanmar, ultimately establishing six Emergency Elephant Response Units (EERU) to protect wildlife areas
  • Consulted with stakeholders on reducing elephant casualties along the Siliguri-AlipurDuar Railway Line in Chalsa, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
  • Participated in an international collaboration to establish a cryobank for African elephants to enhance and preserve genetic diversity

Asian elephants are an endangered species with less than 40,000 left in the wild.  They face many challenges to their existence and are reliant on humans to ensure their conservation.  Our organization and our staff work tirelessly every day, at an international level, to ensure that this endangered species survives for future generations.

African Lion Safari is recognized worldwide for its expertise in elephant welfare, and is committed to supporting the conservation of wildlife; through protection of habitat, scientific research and education.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners on your dedication and effort towards wildlife conservation.

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