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African Lion Safari
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Asian elephant

Today only the African and the Asian elephant species roam on earth and both are an endangered species. It is estimated that less than 35,000 Asian elephants survive today in the wild. The greatest threat to the wild Asian elephant is the rapid destruction of the elephant habitat in southern Asia.

Elephants are the largest living land animals. An adult male Asian elephant stands about 2.8 metres tall at the shoulders and weighs about 4,500 kilograms. Females are slightly smaller. Elephants have the second longest life span of any living mammal, second only to man.

African Lion Safari maintains one of the most successful breeding programmes for Asian elephants in North America.

  • The park is home to the largest Asian elephant herd in any zoological facility in North America; the park is home to 16 elephants.
  • The park maintains excellent genetic diversity with 18 calves being born originating from 6 different fathers and 6 different mothers.
  • The park has had more second generation births than any other facility in North America.
  • The park welcomed the first artificially inseminated elephant born in Canada in November 2009.
  • In August 2013 the park welcomed the first “All Canadian” Asian Elephant.

African Lion Safari has participated in a number of important research programmes on the Asian elephant focusing on reproduction and endocrinology. It is hoped that through this research we can better understand the biology and physiology of the Asian elephant.

African Lion Safari’s goal is to continue its successful breeding programme for the endangered Asian elephant to conserve these magnificent animals for future generations.

African Lion Safari is a founding member of the International Elephant Foundation, a non-profit organization established to offer expertise and provide funds to support elephant conservation programmes world wide.

Watch the birth of "Emily"

Click on the link below to watch video. Parental guidance recommended.

» Video

Elephants born at African Lion Safari:

Birth Date Name Sex Mother Father
April 4, 1991 Colonel male Wimpy Buke
May 2, 1993 Nikolai male Kitty Tusko
February 27, 1994 Natasha female Wimpy Tusko
December 11, 1994 Piccolo female Lilly Alexander
May 4, 1998 Samson male Kitty Calvin
November 29, 1998 Albert male Lilly Calvin
October 21, 1999 George male Phoebe Calvin
April 29, 2001 Johnson male Kitty Calvin
November 4, 2005 Opal female Natasha Rex
April 13, 2006 Logan male Lilly Rex
April 23, 2006 Emily female Kitty Rex
July 15, 2008 Chuck male Mali Rex
November 2, 2009 Jake male Natasha Rex
August 2, 2013 Nellie female Natasha Johnson
October 19, 2014HannahfemaleLilyJohnson
February 24, 2015GigifemaleEmilyGeorge
May 4, 2015Anna MayfemaleOpalJohnson
February 28, 2016 Rose Female Natasha Johnson